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Pest Control in Self Storage Units

When you place your personal belongings in storage, you are relinquishing them from the protection of your own home. It’s almost like letting your children leave the nest on their own–you can’t keep tabs on them as easily as before, so you have to trust that they’ll be okay on their own. Pest control in a storage unit is one very important element that, when done correctly, can help you feel more safe leaving your items on their own in a storage unit. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re seeking a safe, pest-free environment to store your belongings:

Pest Control Policies

Before resorting to your own pest control methods, ask the storage facilities you’re considering about their pest control policy. They may tell you right off the bat that they do or don’t use pest control. Searching for a facility that does and ensuring they have good reviews will leave you feeling more secure about the safety of your items.

You can even ask to see a walkthrough of the facility before fully committing–as a matter of fact, this will tell you a lot about the facility beyond just pest control. This step is always recommended.

Pest-Proof Storage Methods

Once you’ve nailed down a facility that takes pest control precautions, you can further the safety of your items by making sure they’re stored in a way that adds extra protection from pests. The first thing to consider is the kind of boxes you keep your items in. Plastic tubs will provide extra protection against pests that cardboard does not. However, plastic tubs are less affordable, which may not be as feasible for a long term storage commitment. One method you can use is to stack your boxes with the plastic storage on the bottom and cardboard on top to provide added protection for your cardboard items.

As a matter of fact, keeping items elevated from the floor is another good pest control tactic, regardless of the material. This decreases the odds of rodents ad other pests feeling the need to crawl through your items.

For items that are not stored in boxes, such as furniture or mattresses, you can purchase pest-proof covers to wrap these items in. This will prevent pests from burrowing in your soft items and making their homes there.

Taking Pest Control into Your Own Hands

If you’ve taken all other precautions but are still worried about pest control, there are at-home methods of pest control and repellent that you can use in a storage unit. Mouse traps (snap traps) and small insect traps may be good options to catch the pests that may wander into your storage unit. You can also attempt to prevent them from wandering in in the first place by using repellents. You can purchase them premade or search for DIY solutions such as peppermint oil.


The most important thing about storing your items is that you trust they will be safe. All of these precautions can ensure that your items are well taken care of and clean when you remove them from your storage unit. Decide which ones work best for you to give yourself peace of mind during a short- or long-term storage stint.


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