Thinking Inside the Box

When you picture moving, of course everyone thinks of cardboard boxes. Sturdy, inexpensive, and easily disposed of–they’re perfect for a quick move or short-term storage. But what about long term storage, storage of fragile or oddly-shaped items, or storage without climate-control? Cardboard boxes may not protect your items from humidity or pests. This guide is here to offer other options and help you decide what box will keep your items fresh and protected.

Box Types

  1. Cardboard Boxes Old reliable, these boxes are sealed with tape and come in a variety of sizes.
  2. Plastic Bins More durable and longer lasting than cardboard, these boxes are also easier to seal.
  3. Wardrobe Boxes Designed to hang clothes, these boxes feature a rail that keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled or creased from folding.
  4. Original Boxes If you still have the original boxes for your TV, appliances, and other oddly shaped or fragile items, the packaging they came in may be your best bet for keeping them safe. If you no longer have original boxes, you may consider finding specialty boxes for these items.
  5. Specialty Boxes While they are more expensive, specialty boxes contain padding that helps protect your fragile or oddly shaped items. They can be cardboard or plastic.

Which Boxes Should I Use?

With a wide variety of boxes available, how do you decide which ones are best for you and your storage needs? You will want to consider the length of storage, whether your storage unit is temperature- and climate-controlled, and how much space you have in the unit.

Cardboard boxes work great for short-term storage, but may not last through long-term stints in a storage unit. They can also attract pests that can easily gain access to the boxes. With a lack of climate-control, cardboard boxes are also susceptible to moisture and mildew. If you’re stacking boxes in a unit, they are less likely to hold up and can collapse under the weight.

If you’re needing a better long-term solution, consider using plastic bins instead. The plastic is resistant to water and seals out pests more efficiently than cardboard. While they may be a more expensive investment up front, the cost is offset by their longevity and the added protection afforded to your items. Plastic bins may also save you space in your unit as they are easier to stack and less likely to break under the weight of other boxes.

Specialty or original boxes may not always help you save space, but they may afford extra security for your more fragile items.  Particularly if you are stacking these items, it may be worth having a bulkier box with more padding to offer more cushion. Purchasing specialty boxes may be more expensive in the long run, but keeping your items in pristine condition may be worth the extra cost. Wardrobe boxes may also take up additional space, but will keep your clothes from getting wrinkled or exposed to pests and the elements.

When you select your boxes, keep in mind the features your storage unit offers and how long you will need to be storing your items. Here at AAA Storage World, we provide temperature- and climate-controlled options that may reduce your need for more expensive boxes. We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes that allow you flexibility on whether you would like to stack your boxes or not. Choose the right storage unit for you so you can select the appropriate boxes in the most cost effective manner.

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