How to Organize Your Storage Unit

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of things in your self-storage unit? Have you ever needed a specific item and had no clue which box it’s in, much less where that box would even be? Have you ever found yourself wishing you’d taken the time to organize things?

I’m sure we all get the urge to just put everything in storage as quickly and conveniently as possible. However, the extra time spent organizing your storage may just save you some time, money, and possessions in the future. Particularly for long term storage, having an organized unit lets you access any items you may need in the interim.

Organized units also allow for more items to fit when the space is utilized properly, meaning you may end up paying for less storage space than if you opted to throw everything in willy nilly. And lastly, ensuring your possessions are stacked efficiently can prevent boxes from being crushed or falling over while they’re in your storage unit.

Overall, an organized unit takes the cake over a messy one any day. So, how exactly do you achieve the perfectly ordered storage unit? Here are some tips.

How to Organize a Storage Unit

Inventory Your Items

It sounds time-consuming, but inventorying your items as you pack can help you keep track of where they all end up. Not only that, but it gives you a check to ensure nothing is missing when you finally unpack your storage unit.

Label Every Box

When the boxes are clearly labeled, you’ll have no trouble sorting things once you get in your unit.

Use Clear Bins Instead of Cardboard

As an alternative to labeling your boxes, you could just use clear bins so you can see what’s in each box. However, this investment can become expensive quickly if you have a lot of items to box.

Place Needed Items Toward the Front

Any items that you anticipate having to take out of storage at any point should be stored at the front of the unit. This will make them easily accessible if you find yourself needing to bring them out.

Organize Vertically, Not Just Horizontally

Don’t be afraid to stack boxes, always making sure to keep heavy boxes on the bottom and boxes with fragile items on top. Make sure everything is stable to avoid any spillage while you are away. You can also invest in storage unit shelving if you are nervous about stacking your boxes. This prevents any one box from bearing the weight of others stacked on top of it as each box will be on its own shelf.


While organizing your storage unit definitely takes more work up front, you’ll find that the benefits of having an organized unit far outweigh the initial time investment. So when you find yourself needing to prep for a move or clear up space in your home, refer to this guide to create an efficient, organized storage unit.

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