First Time Guide to Renting a Storage Unit

First time renting a storage unit? We can help. Whether you need to temporarily store your belongings while moving or store them long term after downsizing, renting a storage unit provides an excellent, space-saving solution. Our storage facilities are a secure, convenient and easy-to-find option for those in need of storage. We offer short term storage and long term storage in a wide range of unit sizes and services to meet your needs. Use this first time guide to renting a storage unit to learn more about storage types, how storage works, and more.

How do storage units work?

Most storage units work similarly. Once you find a storage unit near you, you sign a contract with the storage company for a specified amount of time to secure a rental on a storage unit of your choice. A storage unit is a space in a storage facility where you store your belongings. You only pay for the time you need the unit for.

Reasons for renting self-storage

People rent self-storage for more reasons than moving or decluttering. Some common reasons people rent self-storage include:

  • Seasonal storage. Holiday decorations, costumes, seasonal gear clothing, and lawn equipment can all go into storage during the off-season.
  • If your new home isn’t ready. New home not complete, but you need to move out of your old home? A rental storage unit can house your stuff till the move can be completed.
  • Needing more space in their home. Say you’re downsizing and decluttering, but not ready to part with some of your stuff. Or a family member moves in with you and needs a guest bedroom that you were using for storage. There are many reasons people would need more space in their homes. If you’re not ready to toss, sell or donate your stuff, store it.
  • House renovation. Renovating takes time and creates a lot of chaos and mess. To protect your belongings and clear space, you can store furniture and other belongings in storage until the renovation is completed.
  • College storage. Students who don’t want to lug their dorm room belongings back home during summer break might want to rent a storage unit near campus.
  • Military service. The members of the military can use this option during deployment.
  • To store vehicles. If you don’t have room where you live, you can store your boat, RV, car or motorcycle at a storage facility.

What are the two different types of storage for rent?

When determining what type of storage you need, consider these two types of storage options:

  • Full-service storage – A full-service storage company offers “valet-style” services to its customers. The premise behind a full-service storage company is that they will pick up your belongings and deliver them to the storage unit. Here at AAA, if you select our mobile storage option, we will bring you a storage unit to pack at your house and pick it up when you are ready. Opting for full-service storage will save you the added hassle of having to deliver possessions to the storage unit. 
  • Self-storage – Self-storage is, undoubtedly, the most popular storage option available. These facilities offer a safe, secure and affordable way to store belongings from the home, as well as larger items, such as boats. With AAA’s self-storage option, customers are responsible for delivering their belongings to the storage unit themselves. When you wish to take an item out of storage, you will pick it up yourself as well. AAA provides 24-hour access to storage units for your convenience. It’s also important to note that self-storage tends to be less pricey than full-service storage, making it more appealing to those on a tight budget.


What do you need to rent a storage unit?

You just need a valid, government-issued form of ID to rent your storage unit. Options include a driver’s license, passport, state ID or military ID. When reserving the storage unit, you’ll need to sign a binding storage unit agreement or contract. 


What size storage unit should I rent?

Good news: At AAA Storage in Asheville, we offer several sizes, including 5’x5’, 4’x10’, 5’x10’, 9’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, 10’x20’, and 10’x30’ storage units. The price and square footage needed will vary based on how much you decide to store. 


How long can I rent a storage unit?

Typically, you can rent a storage unit for as long as you like. Some people even rent storage units indefinitely as an extra space for personal or work-related items. Keep in mind that if you wish to cancel your storage rental, you’ll need to let us know by a certain date. Otherwise, you may end up paying for the next month regardless of whether or not you’re still using the rental.


How does the payment work?

You’ll be paying once a month on or before the date specified in your rental agreement. If your payment is late, you’ll be charged a late fee. If you default on your payment (it’s anywhere between 5 to 30 days after the due date), we can deny you entry. The point of default should be specified in your lease. You can regain access to your unit after you pay the past-due amount. If you don’t pay your bill, per self-storage state lien laws, a storage facility has a right to hold and auction off your belongings to make up for lost rent money. It’s the last resort, and you can prevent it by learning the terms of your contract, paying your monthly bill on time, and communicating with the rental facility manager as soon as possible if you’re having any issues.

What’s in a rental agreement?

Your rental agreement (also referred to as a rental contract, self-storage contract and lease agreement) will specify all the terms of your lease. It’s a binding document so you should read it carefully before you sign (online or in person) and abide by what’s in the document.

Do I need a climate-controlled storage unit?

If you’re storing clothes and furniture, you will most likely need a climate-controlled storage unit. Fortunately, AAA Storage offers this type of storage unit. Climate control helps protect your belongings from extreme temperatures, humidity and other outside conditions. These units also prevent mildew, mold and other nasty conditions from thriving inside a storage unit. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that mold grows on paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood products, dust, paints, wallpaper, fabric, carpet and upholstery. Those planning to store these types of items must focus on finding a climate-controlled storage unit.

Besides household goods, what else can I store?

In addition to storing household goods, those using a storage unit can rent storage for specific items, such as boats, cars, RVs and motorcycles. If you need to store appliances or large furniture items, you may need to consider renting an additional storage unit (or a larger one) as well.

Should I insure my storage items?

Before storing your items, we do recommend that they are all properly insured. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will also help replace any items that are (god forbid) broken or stolen while in storage. AAA has our own set of affordable insurance. Keep in mind that your belongings may already be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. 

How do I get my stuff to the storage unit?

A full-service storage company will take care of that for you. But if you DIY, there are several options. If you don’t have a lot, you can pack your own car and make one or a few trips to the storage facility. To transport more items than your car will hold, consider asking a friend or a family member with a truck for a favor. Another option is to rent a truck


If you’re looking for storage for the first time, give AAA Storage a chance to provide you secure, climate-controlled storage at an affordable rate for you.

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