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Holiday Decor Storage Tips

Holiday decor can be the perfect way to make the Christmas season feel just a little bit magical. They really help take celebrations to the next level and remind us of our childhood Christmas joy. But what happens when it’s June, the holiday season is long gone, and you’re suddenly running out of room in your attic?

Self-storage is here to help. When you find yourself with no room for the countless bins of holiday cheer, you can easily move all your decorations into a unit to help keep them safe and sound for next year. But as with every object, there are certain ways of packing your holiday decor that makes it most likely to come out looking new after the off season. Check out our tips for Christmas storage below.

Holiday Decor Storage Tips

Break Down Large Holiday Decor

If you have an artifical Christmas tree or a blow-up lawn decoration, make sure to fully dismantle it before placing in self-storage. Leaving the items as is increases the chances of damage while in storage. Breaking them down will also save you room in your storage unit so you can fit more items.

Pack With Intention

When you’re packing up fragile items such as ornaments, it’s important to store them carefully to avoid breakage. Keeping original packaging often helps as the packaging is already designed to keep the item safe. However, if you’ve already parted with the original package, make sure you wrap each piece in some type of cushioning (bubble wrap, paper towel, etc) to ensure it doesn’t get broken in storage. The same goes for holiday dishes and silverware.

Also make sure to avoid over-packing each bin. If you stuff it too full with ornaments, they are more likely to break in transit and in storage. Keeping your items safe in storage is worth the extra space that may be needed to pack them in safely.

Wrap Up Your Christmas Lights

Whether it’s cardboard, a coathanger, or cord reels, wrap your lights around something to prevent them from getting tangled up in storage. If your lights are battery powered, make sure to remove any batteries so they don’t leak into your lights during the off season.

Stack Smart

When you stack bins in your storage unit, don’t place any heavy boxes on top of a bin containing fragile items. Putting the tree on top of the ornaments could lead to breakage in storage. If you have other items that are permanently kept in storage, avoid stacking them on top of your Christmas decor. Label all your holiday decor and ensure that it’s easy to reach when you come back for it next year.

Clean and Dry Your Holiday Decor Linens

If you have linens in your holiday decor, ensure they have been cleaned ad are completely dry before putting them in storage. Any bacteria or moisture left in the cloth could lead to mold and mildew when you pull them back out in a year. To see more tips on linen storage, visit our article here.

Consider Climate Control

As always, your items are more safe in a climate-controlled unit than not. Unregulated temperature and climate could cause issues with electronics, rusty metals, and moldy linens. If you invest in a temperature- and climate-controlled storage unit, your items will be kept at room temperature in an environment that is neither too humid nor too dry.


With these tips in mind, you’re set up to have a holly jolly Christmas year after year without having to sacrifice your attic and closet spaces during the rest of the year.

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