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Storage Security: What to Look For

Everyone who has entrusted their belongings to a self-storage unit does so understanding the risk of items being vandalized or stolen. It’s a matter of trust in your self-storage company to keep your items safe and undamaged. However, not every self-storage company is created equal when it comes to security levels–so how do you know which ones are trustworthy?

Of course thieves and vandals will target self-storage. They can access a lot of people’s stuff with relatively little travel between locations. So storage facilities must take precautions against them to make their facilities more resistant to theft and vandalism.

Storage Security Precautions

Fencing and Gates

The most basic method of protecting storage is by fencing it off to the outside world and monitoring entry and exit via a gate. This makes it more difficult for thieves to get to storage unit without some method of vetting by the storage facility. However, gates and fences can be jumped over or cut through, and thus may only represent the beginning of storage security at a more protected facility.

Motion Sensors

Motions sensors that turn on lights when movement is detected may be a powerful deterrent, especially when paired with a fence. These lights expose those who do make it over or through a fence, making them more likely to leave to avoid getting caught.

Security Cameras and Monitoring

The next step up is the addition of security cameras to make sure the facility can always be monitored. This not only gives a higher chance that any thieves or vandals are caught, but also can serve as a deterrent to them before they even enter the facility. Like the lights, cameras expose those who would enter the storage facility to do harm and increase the storage security.

Storage Security Alarms

Alarm systems in storage facilities can prevent a theft or vandalism from happening even when it is already in progress. Like security cameras, alarms deter thieves who may have already breached the fence or gate from continuing. These systems may make loud noise to let the intruder know they’ve been discovered and encourage them to stop what they are doing and try to escape instead of damaging your belongings. In addition, alarm systems often alert authorities, which once again increases the chances of catching anyone who might have caused damage to the stored goods.

Electronic Door Locks

These locks may accompany alarms as extra insurance that your items don’t get damaged by a thief or vandal who has breached the facility. They lock automatically when the alarm is triggered, which means even the most stubborn of thieves won’t be able to access your items once they’ve been discovered.

What Storage Security Measures are for You?

Now that you understand what features may be available to you, it is important to decide which ones are most important to your storage security. If you are seeking storage in an area where breakins and vandalism are frequent, you may opt for a storage facility that contains all of the above features. While a storage facility with higher storage security may come with a higher cost, it is most definitely worth the investment to keep your items safe when you are storing valuables, important documents, or items with significant sentimental value. You should always choose a storage facility whose precautions give you a sense of peace leaving your items with them.

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